On Saturday, March 18, the first airbrushing course conducted by Alberto from Qualityairbrush and organized by A.M.I.C.S was held with great success.

As a member of A.M.I.C.S I have participated in the Exhibition of the history of the Armed Forces through modeling. Our colleagues from A.M.M.

This year I participated in the exhibition and contest held by the Asociacion Ilicitana de Modelismo Estático, AIME. I would like to thank all the members of this association who have put all their effort into showing the great interest in modeling in Spain.


On Sunday, July 9, I was with my colleagues from the AMICS association at Consell. We have made a small exhibition. Also a marathon for associates and people who love this hobby.


For the third year I have participated as an AMICS member in the Palmanyola static modeling exhibition.



This year I participated as a menber of A.M.I.C.S in the ninth exhibition and contest held by my colleagues from of Amics del Modelisme Estàtic de Mallorca "AMM" have been carrying out for eight years now. Just to thank all the people who have put all their efforts to show that in Mallorca there is a great love for modeling.


The Friends of Historical Aviation Association commemorate the eightieth anniversary of D-Day, with talks and dramatizations of what resulted from the Normandy landings. Encourage you to come.